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Yesterday, I had the honor of being the guest writer for the Katie Couric Show.  I was asked to participate in an episode with Dr. Sanjay Gupta where he and Katie discussed the overuse of prescription drugs.

I prepped for the show in the green room (as seen below) and was led to my reserved, front row seat just in time for the crowd pumping intro by comedian Harrison Greenbaum.  As the show began with an extraordinary story from “Brain on Fire” writer, Susannah Cahalan, I let my fingers do the talking on my laptop.  Hopefully you were able to see my live updates on Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to attending the taping, I was also asked to write an editorial, complementing the subject matter of the show.  I chose to write about Natural Alternatives to Prescription Drugs, which is an important topic for all of us.  This editorial is now featured on the Katie Couric Show website.   Come check out the site and read my article.

Being part of the Katie Couric Show was a fantastic experience and I am happy to have been inducted as a member of Katie’s Crew.


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