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Welcome to Hip & Healthy Kids, LLC, your one-stop-shop to all that is hip and healthy for your kids.  Our mission is to provide you with products that are educational and fun for you and your child all while ensuring that you are one HIP family.  As a parent it is paramount that your child is healthy, so products that do not help you accomplish that goal, should be tossed out (in a recycle bin of course :)).  We also strive to promote brands that are made in the US, ecofriendly and/or philanthropic.

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Neal’s Yard Remedies

From everyday skincare, specialty treatments, mom and baby lines, men’s collections & organic makeup, Neal’s Yard Remedies brings you all that you need to have an amazing (and safe) beauty regime.  Organically sourced, independently certified, CarbonNeutral® with a predominant emphasis on green/eco-friendly operations, NYR is in a league of its own. Need a gift?  NYR’s gift boxes are beautifully presented, so you can help your loved ones detox as well.  Come check out the UK’s best kept secret and order your products today by visiting this link (As featured in the Organic Skincare is Only One Click Away article.)


These fun reusable sandwich bags, snack bags, & sub bags were created by 3 moms, who understood the best way to pack a kid’s lunch was to do it the eco-friendly way!  These dishwasher safe bags come in many patterns, all sewed by hand in the US.  They are BPA, lead and phthalate free.  Lunchskins has saved more than 120 million plastic baggies from landfills (and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch).  Not only do these bags reduce waste, but with their countless uses, they save you money too.  Send an email to hipandhealthykids@gmail.com with your order for the products seen here. (As featured in Starting a Bag Revolution post.)

Udder Covers

Udder covers (https://www.uddercovers.com/cart) give you some privacy while nursing.  They are featured in really cute prints and the covers are easy to adjust, use and store.  The rigid neckline allows you to easily peak down and see your baby.  Plus the fabrics are made of 100% breathable cotton and are machine washable.  For you amazing Hip & Healthy Kids readers, type in promo code “hhk” and you’ll get one for FREE! You’ll only have to pay shipping and handling. (As featured in Cover your Udders post.)


FREDS SWIMTRAINER is non-toxic, safe, and easy to use.  Each trainer positions the child forward encouraging early promotion of natural swimming reflexes. The removal of inflation capacity as your child grows is designed to gradually decrease dependency on floatation until your child can swim on his/her own.

The SWIMTRAINER comes in 3 stages all retailing at $26.50 (+ tax where applicable & shipping):

Red: 3 months to 4 years (13 lbs.–39 lbs.)
Orange: 2 years to 6 years (33 lbs.–66 lbs.)
Yellow: 4 years to 8 years (44 lbs.–79 lbs.)

To purchase one or more of these SWIMTRAINERS, contact me at hipandhealthykids@gmail.com   (As featured in New Swim Trainer Post)

PureLean® from Pure Encapsulations®
Pure Encapsulations® makes high quality hypo-allergenic Nutritional Supplements:
-no excipients, fillers, or binders                     -no artificial colors or flavors
-free of wheat, gluten, egg & nuts                  -no preservatives
-no hydrogenated oil

Pure Encapsulations® PureLean® is a vegetable-based protein blend of rice, pea, hemp & chia. The chia and hemp also add omega-3 fatty acids to this base which is good for brain function, heart health, mood and the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response. It contains a wide variety of vitamins & minerals for comprehensive support as well as a vitamin & superfruit blend acting as antioxidant synergists. Pure Encapsulations® blend of B vitamins, zinc & chromium reinforce your body’s metabolism, while their blend of calcium, D and magnesium enhances weight management, body composition and bone health. Comes in Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, or Vanilla with Stevia flavors. http://www.purecapspro.com/mzab/pe/products/product_details.asp?ProductsID=967

To purchase PureLean® or any of their other excellent products, contact me at hipandhealthykids@gmail.com or visit http://www.purecapspro.com/mzab  (As featured in The Art of the Smoothie Post)

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